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... is a water fetishist. As a free-time paddler and canoe guide he knows the Wupper inside-out.

As a scientific diver many German lakes are familiar to him from a fish perspective.

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...would love to build everything himself.

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The Strip

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July 2016 - Article

"Building a kayak one frame at a time- the work of w.werft"

The Canadian canoe maker "Bearmountainboats" has dedicated a blog post about our video work.

Our stop-motion video "The Strip" connects canoebuilding with a recording method that is not often found in DIY videos. In the second part of the saga, "Sticky Mess", a glue bottle is looking for love.

"Their film still coveys the process clearly, but the use of stop-motion animation adds a fresh layer we haven't seen before..."

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