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The interest in crafts, materials and techniques we had already in our childhood. From building tree houses to electrical gadgetry to etching or casting metals, we have already tried out and perfected quite a few things. We never wanted to commit ourselves and yet canoe building has developed as the main focus of our work since 2015. The desire for a new challenge and a larger project was the motivation for the construction of the Wabnaki, our first strip canoe. This was quickly followed by other boats, including kayaks, in strip and skin-on-frame construction.



... is a water fetishist. As a paddler and canoe guide, he knows the Wupper by heart. As a passionate improviser and self-taught craftsman, he is constantly looking for new projects and challenges. Canoe building combines many different disciplines and represents for him a combination of water sports and craftsmanship.

As an engineer and scientific diver, he is also familiar with the mysterious world below the surface. He uses his skills in CAD to design new canoe and kayak hulls, which are built in the workshop and finally tested on the water.

His interest in photography often makes paddling trips shorter than planned, however, this creates new epic images for the website from time to time. He also tries to pass on his passion for craftsmanship and his love of analog photography to children in classes at the Junior-Uni in Wuppertal.


... may be the first person who first went canoeing in a selfmade canoe.

As a canoe guide he knows every stone on the Wupper by its first name, but he has also explored cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Venice with his kayak.

Since he can't keep his hands off handicrafts and would love to try something new every day, you can find a wide variety of crafts and process techniques in his portfolio.


As an industrial designer, he combines these technical and creative aspects day after day.

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