Mentha was created in our first workshop in 2020 and was built according to the plan of Freedom15 by Bearmountainboats. The plan was adapted to the Skin-on-Frame construction method. The participants built the strongback, steam-bent the ash ribs, knotted the frame, skinned it with nylon and painted it. Started in the light-flooded studio "KuKuNa" directly at the Wupper, the workshop was interrupted by the Corona pandemic and finally continued in our workshop. Finally, the fresh, minty color choice facilitated the choice of name and so Mentha could be launched for the first time in September 2020. With Mentha, Carlyak, SOFi, Pivo and Wabnaki, we paddled from lake Kemnade via Hattingen to Bochum Dahlhausen.



SOFi is a skin-on-frame canoe that we designed for paddling on lakes. At 4.70 meters in length, it is still handy but also tracks well, thanks to the slightly V-shaped hull, which makes the canoe suitable for longer paddling distances. The high coaming allows for heavy loading for longer trips. The airy design is easy to lift onto the roof of the car when traveling.

470 x 83 cm | 22 kg | 2 seats


Freedom 15'

Freedom15 is relatively short and lies stable in the water due to its wide beam. The design is kept very simple and modern with its steep stems and flat deck contour. The slightly asymmetrical shape makes it easy to paddle solo. The weight of the canoe has been reduced to a minimum by using Red Cedar and minimalistic internals. Gunnels, decks, thwart and seats were made of ash. The seats are covered with weather-resistant webbing. With it's length of 4.60 meters, it fits well on almost any car roof. It's new home is lake Chiemsee in bavaria.

460 x 90 cm | 25kg | 2 Seats



Our debut boat and entry into canoebuilding, started in 2014, completed in 2015. Made of nordic pine and ash in strip construction. With 4.30 meters in length and it's flat hull, this canoe is ideally suited for our wild and winding home waters, the Wupper. We published a video of a canoetrip through the city of Wuppertal with it's historic suspension railway in our blog.

430 x 90 cm | 27kg | 2 Seats